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Downloaded endpoints can only be used in the downloadable versions of Fluree. All requests, except requests to /health, should be POST requests. The main downloaded endpoints are below, and they are all structured as follows:


  • For the downloadable version, unless you changed the default fdb-api-port, the full URL is http://localhost:8090/fdb/[DBNAME]/[ACTION]

Main Endpoints

DBs/fdb/dbsReturns a list of all ledgers in the transactor group.
New DB/fdb/new-dbCreates a new ledger
Export/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/exportLocally exports an existing ledger into either .xml or .ttl
Delete DB/fdb/delete-dbDeletes ledger (does not currently delete ledger files)
Add Server/fdb/add-server(Beta feature) Dynamically adds a server to the network.
Remove Server/fdb/remove-server(Beta feature) Dynamically removes a server from the network.
Query/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/queryQueries in FlureeQL syntax
Multi-Query/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/multi-queryMulti-Queries in FlureeQL syntax
Block/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/blockBlock queries in FlureeQL syntax
History/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/historyHistory queries in FlureeQL syntax
Transact/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/transactTransactions in FlureeQL syntax
GraphQL/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/graphqlQueries or transactions in GraphQL syntax, as a string
SPARQL/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/sparqlQueries in SPARQL syntax, as a string
SQL/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/sqlQueries in SQL syntax, as a string
Command/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/commandCommands, such as transactions, with a signature in the body. See signing transactions.
Reindex/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/reindexReindexes the specified ledger.
Reindex-fullText/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/reindex-fulltextReindexes the fullText index on the specified ledger.
Hide/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/hideHides flakes that match the given pattern.

Test endpoints

Generate Flakes/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/gen-flakesReturns the list of flakes that would be added to a ledger if a given transaction is issued.
Query With/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/query-withReturns the results of a query using the existing ledger flakes, including flakes that are provided with the query.
Test Transact With/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBNAME-OR-DBID]/test-transact-withGiven a valid set of flakes that could be added to the ledger at a given point in time and a transaction, returns the flakes that would be added to a ledger if a given transaction is issued.

Password Authentication Endpoints

You need password authentication enabled to use these endpoints. See config options for all password authentication options. See the Password Management Guide for more information. For an implementation example refer to the Comics Store repo located in the Fluree Developer Hub.

Generate/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/pw/generateReturns a valid token for a given user or role. Sets a valid password for that user or role.
Renew/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/pw/renewGiven a token in the header and a new expiration time, returns a new token for a given user or role.
Login/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/pw/loginGiven a password and user or auth id, returns a valid token.

Other endpoints

Block StatsPOST/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/block-range-with-txnBlock data, including signatures, instant, hash, flakes and transactions
HealthANY/fdb/healthReturns whether or not the server is ready.
Ledger StatsPOST/fdb/[NETWORK-NAME]/[DBID]/ledger-statsGeneral ledger stats, including status, # flakes, current block, and size (kb).
SubPOST/fdb/subHandles subscriptions
Network StatusANY/fdb/nw-stateReturns status of Fluree network, raft state, etc.

For both queries and transactions, a signature is not required if the option fdb-api-open is set to true (default for the downloaded version of Fluree).

More information on signing queries and signing transactions can be found in the linked sections.