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Basic Transaction

Fluree allows you to specify transaction using FlureeQL JSON array/vector syntax that contains subject maps to create, update, upsert or delete. Maximum transaction size is 2 MB.

Transactions can also be done with GraphQL, for more information on on GraphQL transactions, reference the GraphQL Transactions section.

Transact Keys#

Each map requires an _id as specified below along with key/value pairs containing the predicates and values you wish to modify. An _action key is always included, but typically inferred and thus optional for most operations.

_idsubject idAny subject id value which can include the numeric assigned permanent _id

for an subject, any predicate marked as unique as a two-tuple, i.e. ["_user/username", "jdoe"], or a temporary id (for new entities). See the Temporary Ids section in the below Transactions section to learn more. _action | string | Optional (if it can be inferred). One of: add, update, upsert or delete. When using a temporary id, add is always inferred. When using an existing subject id, update is always inferred. upsert is inferred for new entities with a tempid if they include an predicate that was marked as upsert.

Temporary Ids#

Every transaction item must have an _id predicate to refer to the subject we are attempting to create/update. A tempid can simply be the collection name, i.e. _user.

FlureeQL example:

[{    "_id":    "_user",    "username": "eWasswa"}]

However, if you would like to reference that tempid somewhere else in your transaction, it is necessary to create a unique tempid. To make a unique tempid, just append the collection with any non-valid collection character (anything other than a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _) followed by anything else. For example, _user$lEliasz or _user#1.

FlureeQL example:

[{    "_id":    "_user$lEliasz",    "username": "lEliasz",    "auth": ["_auth$temp"]  },  {    "_id": "person",    "handle": "lEliasz",    "fullName": "Louis Eliasz",    "user": "_user$lEliasz"  },  {    "_id": "_auth$temp",    "id": "tempAuthRecord"}]

Adding Custom Metadata#

When issuing a transaction, you can include your own metadata. For example, if you want to include a _tx/note, you can issue the below transaction to create the relevant predicate (field):

[{    "_id": "_predicate",    "name": "_tx/note",    "type": "string"}]

And, then, whenever you issue a transaction, you are able to include a _tx/note.

[{    "_id": "_user",    "username": "abc"},{    "_id": "_tx",    "note": "hey there"}]


Fuel is used to meter usage. Every query and transaction accumulates a certain amount of "fuel." The amount of fuel used is returned in the query or transaction results.

In the Fluree, fuel is returned as supplemental information.