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_setting Collection

Every ledger contains a built-in _setting collection that defines several ledger configurations, including the consensus algorithm. You can change these accordingly.

Currently the only setting id that is activated is the _setting entry with id root.

idThe setting id.
docOptional docstring for the db.
languageBy default, this is set to English. This is used for full-text search only. To see all available langauges and how to change languages, look below. To see how to use full-text search, see the guide on full-text search.
consensusConsensus type for this db. Currently only 'Raft' supported.
txMaxMaximum transaction size in bytes. Will default to the network db's value if not present.
anonymousReference to auth identity to use for anonymous requests to this db.
ledgersReference to auth identities that are allowed to act as ledgers for this ledger.


By default, all ledgers use English as a language. We support:

  • Arabic (ar)
  • Bengali (bn)
  • Chinese (cn)*
  • English (en)
  • French (fr)
  • Hindi (hi)
  • Indonesian (id)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (br)
  • Russian (ru)
  • Spanish (es)

To see all supported languages, you can also query:

"select": {"?tag": ["*"]},
"where": [["?tag", "_tag/id", "?id"]],
"filter": [ "(re-find (re-pattern \"^_setting/language\") ?id)"]

To see the language your ledger is currently set to, you can issue the query:

"select": [ "language" ],
"from": ["_setting/id", "root"]

To change your language, simply set your language setting to the two-letter code for your desired language. For example, to set a ledger to Russian, you can issue the transaction:

"_id": ["_setting/id", "root"],
"language": "ru"

Note that when you change a language, your full-text search may not immediately reflect this change. Your ledger will have to completely reindex any full-text enabled predicates, which may take a while with a larger dataset. When full-text re-indexing is complete, you will see a log Add full text flakes to store complete for: X subjects..

To see how to use full-text search, see the guide on full-text search.

* Fluree Full-text search uses Apache Lucene Smart Chinese Analyzer for Chinese and mixed Chinese-English text.


If not set, a default value of 2mb (i.e., 2e6) is used for the maximum transaction size.

To see the current value of txMax for your ledger, you can issue the query:

"select": [ "txMax" ],
"from": ["_setting/id", "root"]

To change the value for txMax, you can issue a transaction to specify the size limit in bytes:

"_id": ["_setting/id", "root"],
"txMax": 2e6