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Getting Started with Nexus


To log into Fluree Nexus visit the login page found, here. Sign in from there, or create an account using the email you provided when joining the waitlist. If you have not joined the waitlist and wish to register to use Fluree Nexus navigate to either or


Your profile contains your details, your bookmarked datasets, and saved queries. From your profile page you can navigate to create a new dataset.

Creating a dataset

On your profile page, you will find the Add a New Dataset button, by clicking the button you will be routed to create a new dataset. Give the dataset a name and description (optional), and add tags (optional) to your dataset. Tags are clickable links which can be used to find other datasets across Fluree Nexus. If you would like to use sample data to familiarize yourself with Fluree, make sure you check the checkbox under the Sample Dataset label. Once the dataset is successfully created you'll be routed to the overview page of your dataset.

Adding data

Adding data in Fluree Nexus can be done on the transact page of your dataset. All transactions need to be nested in square brackets [] and are written in FlureeQL. For more information about transacting in Fluree Nexus refer to the transact page and the transaction basics fluree documentation.