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Multiple Triples

You can include multiple triples in a single where clause. Any variables in the where clauses are bound across triples.

For example, the triple ?person fd:person/fullName ?fullName. binds ?person to any subject _id with a person/fullName, and ?fullName binds to all objects of the person/fullName predicate.

However, if we combine multiple triples, like below, the values of ?person and ?fullName are different.

SELECT ?person
?person fd:person/handle "jdoe".
?person fd:person/fullName ?fullName.

A ?person not only has to have a person/fullName, but also a person/handle that equals jdoe. Therefore, if we are using our Basic Schema, ?fullName would only be bound to Jane Doe.

Write your own SPARQL query

How would you write a query that selects all `?person` and `?handle` where the one of person's favorite number (person/favNums)` is 1223?