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Select, As Of Block

Every time we issue a new set of transactions in Fluree, that is a new block.

Every block is an atomic (indivisible) update that is cryptographically signed by the issuer. Each time a block is committed, the block number increases by 1.

If we don't specify a block number in a query, the results will just return using the most recent block.

Querying, As of a Single Block

If we want to submit a query as of a certain block, add a key of "block" to your query with an integer as the value. We call these "time-travel" queries.

For example, to get 50 movies, as of block 2, we could issue:

"select": ["*"],
"from": "movie",
"limit": 50,
"block": 2

Select 10 Credits (`credit`), as of Block 3