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Multiple Queries and Review

You can submit multiple queries at once (you'll have to use the multi-query endpoint but more on this later).

In order to do so, you'll need to create an object where the keys are the names of your queries, and the values are your actual queries. The template looks like this:

"query1": { "Your first query here" },
"query2": { "Your second query here" },
"query3": { "Your third query here" },

Note the keys, "query1", "query2", and "query3" do not matter - they can be anything that you want to call them. The result will return your results (and any errors) in the following format:

"query1": [ ".... Results or error here ....."],
"query2": [ ".... Results or error here ....."],
"query3": [ ".... Results or error here ....."]