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Block Queries

Before you begin this section, you should have completed the Intermediate Querying Lesson or have a good understanding of basic Fluree queries. Completion of the Flakes and Blocks Lesson or a good understanding of flakes is also helpful. In addition, you should know about the subject-predicate-object model.

Querying Blocks#

If we want to see all of the flakes that belong to a particular block, you can use a block number, an ISO-8601 formatted string or an ISO-8601 formatted duration.

Using block number:

{  "block": 4}

Using ISO-8601 formatted wall clock time:

{  "block": "2017-11-14T20:59:36.097Z"}

Using ISO-8601 formatted duration (as of 1 hour ago):

{  "block": "PT1H"}

Block Flakes, As Of

Use this resource on the [ISO-8601 duration format]( to see all the flakes from 3 months, 2 days, 6 hours, and 2 minutes ago.