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Block Files

Every block of flakes in Fluree is written to a file. If you're using the downloadable version of Fluree, your block files will be in a folder on the machine that is running Fluree. Block files are written using industry-standard AVRO encoding, and can be read with or without Fluree.

Block files are never overwritten. Once the file for block 1 is written, it is never overwritten. When the transactions for block 2 are issued, they will be written to a file for block 2.

Index Files

In addition to block files, in Fluree, there are four different types of indexes that are written to file. These indexes sort flakes by:

  • subject-predicate-object-time : all flakes written to this index
  • predicate-subject-object-time : all flakes written to this index
  • object-predicate-subject-time : only references and tags are written to this index
  • predicate-object-subject-time : indexed predicates are written to this index

Depending on the type of query, different index files will be referenced to respond to the query. These files allow for quick queries. The frequency at which new index files are written depends on your ledger configuration.