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Hosted Endpoints

Hosted endpoints should be POSTed to:[ENDPOINT]

The uses for the following endpoints match up to their equivalent signed endpoints:

Query/api/db/NETWORK/DB/queryQueries in FlureeQL syntax
Multi-Query/api/db/NETWORK/DB/multi-queryMulti-Queries in FlureeQL syntax
Block/api/db/NETWORK/DB/blockBlock queries in FlureeQL syntax
History/api/db/NETWORK/DB/historyHistory queries in FlureeQL syntax
Transact/api/db/NETWORK/DB/transactTransactions in FlureeQL syntax
GraphQL/api/db/NETWORK/DB/graphqlQueries or transactions in GraphQL syntax, as a string
SPARQL/api/db/NETWORK/DB/sparqlQueries in SPARQL syntax, as a string

Query 1.
"block": [3, 5]

Query 2.

"select": ["*"],
"from": "person",
"block": 2

Query 3.

{ graph {
chat {

Query 4.

SELECT DISTINCT ?horse ?horseLabel ?mother 
?horse wdt:P31/wdt:P279* wd:Q726 .
OPTIONAL{?horse wdt:P25 ?mother .}