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Signed Endpoints - Part 1

Signed endpoints can be used in both the downloadable and the hosted versions of Fluree.

The main signed endpoints are all structured as follows:


In the hosted version, the network is "dev", and the full URL is:[ACCOUNT]/[DBNAME]/[ACTION]

In the signed version, the default network is "dev" and the default port is 8090. The full URL, with defaults, is:


Some of the main endpoints you'll be using are:

/query - POST any standard queries in FlureeQL syntax here, including analytical queries.

/multi-query - POST any multi-queries in FlureeQL syntax here

/block - POST only block queries in FlureeQL syntax. This means queries that return a set of flakes, not standard queries that are performed as of a certain block.

/history - POST only history queries in FlureeQL syntax.

Query 1.

"history": ["person/handle", "jdoe"]

Query 2.

"select": ["*"],
"from": "person",
"block": 2

Query 3.

"block": [3, 5]

Query 4.

"personQuery": { "select": ["*"], "from": "person" },
"chatQuery": { "select": ["*"], "from": "chat" }