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The javascript library, as an extension of our linear-scaling query peer service, makes data readily accessible. We get trusted data to the access point quickly. It runs in the browser, using a web socket to connect to a ledger server/group. The main commands are below.

ConnectConnect to a ledger server/group using URL address(es)
ClosecloseCloses a connection
DBdbReturns a queryable ledger
DB Schemadb_schemaReturns the schema map for a ledger
New Ledgernew_ledgerCreates a new ledger
Delete Ledgerdelete_ledgerDeletes a ledger
QueryqueryQuery in FlureeQL syntax
Multi-Querymulti_queryMulti-Queries in FlureeQL syntax
Blockblock_queryBlock queries in FlureeQL syntax
Block Rangeblock_rangeBlock range queries in FlureeQL syntax
Historyhistory_queryHistory queries in FlureeQL syntax
TransacttransactSubmits a transaction for a ledger.
Monitor Transactionmonitor_txReturns the results of the monitor transaction request or a timeout
ListenlistenListens to all events of a given ledger
Close Listenerclose_listenerCloses a listener
ListenerslistenersReturns a list of listeners currently registered for each ledger